F7 v2 - JSON what is more convenient?

Hello community.
I need to use JSON on my app to populate the list view.
I was wondering whats more convenient or more recommended to work with JSON the Virtual List or the List View?.

I tried with List View, reading the JSON and trying to put it on the List View with DOM7 but didn’t succeed.
Thanks in advance.

Can you share the code so that we can help you

i think that virtual list is for big lists
Firs i get data from JSON to fill the template:

function getTemplateAjax(template_path, withData, target_dom_element_id) {
  var template_path; // ruta de la plantilla
    url: template_path,
    dataType: "html",
    success: function (template_html) {
      var compiledTemplate = Template7.compile(template_html);
      var html_final = compiledTemplate(withData);

getTemplateAjax('js/templates/moviles_listado.html', moviles_json, '#listado_moviles');

Here with Template 7 in the HTML:

    <div class="row item-content ">
            {{#each this}}  
            <div class="col-100 desktop-50">
                    <div class="card demo-card">
                      <a href="/moviles/{{llave}}/" class="item-link item-content listado_cliente">
                        <div class="card-header ">
                          <div class="demo-avatar"><img class="icoFoto" src="{{foto}}" width="34" height="34"/></div>
                          <div class="demo-name text-color-pink">{{search_name}}</div>
                      <a href="/moviles/{{llave}}/" class="item-link item-content listado_cliente" data-id_cliente="{{llave}}">
                        <div class="card-content card-content-padding item-inner item-cell">

                              <div class="row pad">
                                <div class="col desktop-30"><img class="iconos" src="img/iconos/battery.png"/> {{bateria_capacidad}}</div>
                                <div class="col desktop-30"><img class="iconos" src="img/iconos/size.png"/> {{pantalla_tamano}}</div>
                                <div class="col desktop-40"><img class="iconos" src="img/iconos/androidSO.png"/> {{software}}</div>
                      <div class="card-footer">{{telefono_tipo}}</div>