F7 V3 after buil on phonegap

In F7 V3 after buil on phonegap NOT open Component Page

I am compile to .APK for android on https://build.phonegap.com.
this template https://framework7io.github.io/framework7-template-tabs/

All work, but “Component Page” not open.

test on android 4 and 5

Check the debug console, maybe there are some errors?

Android 4 is not supported

In Browser no errors and work good.

On android i test it now

      // Lifecycle Hooks
beforeCreate() {
  console.log('componentBeforeCreate', this)
created() {
  console.log('componentCreated', this)
beforeMount() {
  console.log('componentBeforeMount', this)
mounted() {
  console.log('componentMounted', this);
beforeDestroy() {
  console.log('componentBeforeDestroy', this);
destroyed() {
  console.log('componentDestroyed', this);

This code not work on 4 and 5 android. And page don’t open

you can use this for can be used with android 4 but can be affected the perfomance https://github.com/phonegap-build/cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview

Had the same problem (a blank screen on phonegap). As crazy as it sounds, I just change my idex.html where it loads the Fw7 .JS file from the minified to the regular one and it works!