F7 - V3 Redirect and Refresh


Using version 3 of F7, I am wondering which is the way to achieve the following.

Say I have a list of records, I click one record and it goes to record detail page. I update the record OR delete it. Then I wish to be returned to the record list where the record is either updated (I can see an date column showing last updated) or the record is no longer in the list.

How is this best achieved?

Hints or tips appreciated.

I have tried using this, but the data on the list page does not show the update. Even though the data has definitely been updated…

view.router.back( view.router.previousRoute.url, {ignoreCache: true, preload: true, force: true});

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If you use router component (with vdom) on previous page with list, then you attach to it page:beforein handler, where you just call $setState() with updated data and it will do automatically