F7 v4.1.0 - Grid without styles

Hello everyone!

Use F7 v4.1.0 and Vue v2.6.8.

I try add a grid in my page, but grid styles not available:

<!-- home.vue -->
      <f7-nav-title>{{ $f7.name }}</f7-nav-title>

        <f7-col>50% (.col)</f7-col>
        <f7-col>50% (.col)</f7-col>

export default {


<style lang="less" scoped>
  background-color: red;

    background-color: green;

what am I doing wrong?

PS: I build a project with webpack v4.28.1

You could include wrong CSS file, check what you are including

Yes you are right.
I connected framework7.css instead of framework7.bundle.css
Thanks a lot!