F7 V4 With React componentWillUnmount is getting invoked BEFORE componentDidMount

I want to invoke a console.log by the time that the user enters the page and leaves the page, just for the simplicity of the example.

I want to move pages in the app and that the outer component will run the console.log BEFORE the joining component did mounts does.

But the incoming component is getting running before of the componentWillUnmount of the previous page.

How to fix this? In Reactjs without F7 this doesn’t happen like so - the componentWillUnmount of the origin page is getting invoked before of the componentDidMount of the new page.

See this for example:


This just can’t happen, and from what i see it works correct. This could be if you load same page component twice, when one component can be created numerous times, but it is not the issue

I think it has something to do with the fact that the previous page is still around for a swipeback action.

Yes, it is there. But it is a different instance of same page component, so it is not the issue

I am moving from the same page to the same page, but the differences are that this time this is doing so with different ID’s in the props.

This is the View component:

          <View main className="safe-areas" mdPageLoadDelay={300} iosPageLoadDelay={300} iosSwipeBack={false} preloadPreviousPage={false} url={defaultUrl} />

Is there any update? I still get the componentDidMount cycle to be implemented before the componentWillUnmount.

An update: I get this on every page changing, not only from same page to same page with different IDs.