F7 v5.1.0 Calendar : bug in dateFormat

Consider this code

var calendarDateFormat = app.calendar.create({
inputEl: ‘#calendar’,
openIn: ‘sheet’,
backdrop: true,
closeOnSelect: true,
dateFormat: ‘yyyy-m-d’,
maxDate: new Date(),
value: [ new Date(2019, 9, 29) ]

This display “2019-10-d” and not “2019-10-29” as expected.
With “yyyy-d-m” it displays “2019-29-m”.
dateFormat set to "yyyy-m-dd’ or “yyyy-d-mm” displays correctly.
It seems that the calendar fails to display if dateFormat ends with “d” or “m”.
I assume it’s some kind of regexp issue in the dateFormat analysis.

PS : great work with v5 !

Will check it, but i highly recommend to use Intl.DateFormat api for this https://developer.mozilla.org/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Global_Objects/DateTimeFormat

I have also tried with the locale parameter, result is the same.