F7 v6 Svelte Navigation URL/Router problem

I have a small problem with navigation.
{Framework7 v6 + svelte}

I enabled the parameter with browserHistory, but when I load the URL again (URL used to share profiles) the page does not open.

…and after reload URL…if i click to the link of the same user it don’t open (because it is opened in background)

I noticed that in the DOM it loads the page and it is active but hidden(back). If I remove home manually, it can be seen that it is open in the background

what are the parameters for this configuration?
and that depends on the parameters on the view or page?

this problem is caused from View,Pages or Router?

Can you post more complete example of what you have in App.svelte and in routes?


can it be a problem because of the home page where I check if loggedin?

MainLoggedIn comonent (here are links to users)

User Component

Yes, because what you have is loggedIn is false initially when router starts to preload the home page. Then, for example, if it set to true it will try to swap the page. Such behavior actually not really supported by router.

It is better to return always same/single Page component, but have different logic inside of the page, that will not confuse router

I’ve found myself under the same situation, using an {#If loggedIn} block with the router component in it, to be honest, I think it should be supported, because it’s pretty intuitive, and many svelte-f7 developers will do the same, only to later realize it causes routing issues, searching up online, and finding this forum post.
This is a fairly reasonable usecase, IMHO it would serve f7 good to support it.
If not, then Framework7 should at least show a warning that such use is not supported and will cause undefined behavior.