F7-vue 2.2.5 stackPages view use router.back({force:true})

When I put some pages in a view

page stack looks like ‘/’ -> ‘/page1’ -> ‘page2’

when call $f7.router.back({force:true}) in page2, page1 not reload. If I use $f7router.navigate(’/page1’, {reloadPrevious: true}), ‘page1’ reload but ‘page2’ still stacked. What should I do if just

  1. unmount page2
  2. navigate to page1
  3. page1 reload


Doesn’t make sense, you need to pass URL if you use force:

$f7router.back('/some-path/', {force: true});

And if you use stack pages it won’t reload anything

If you need to unmount page on back animation you may disable stackPages and also disable iosSwipeBackPage and preloadPreviousPage and use usual back navigation. But in 99% you don’t need to do it. If you need to do some action or reload something on previous page, just use page event on that page