F7 Vue : how to init F7 router only after Cordova deviceready

Hi all,
i just started using F7 and i’m trying to integrate it with Cordova. I’m starting from a single page project created with Vue and F7 via create --ui .

I’d like to understand how to inizialize F7 in vue without route parameter, if possibile, and to reattach that only after Cordova has fired deviceready. Or any other solution, perhaps less clumsy than this.

Long story is that i need to access Cordova storage plugin at startup, read some storage values, and then redirect user to different routes according to these values.

I’ve read anywhere on this forum that ok, F7 should init after cordova ready, but… not, at least in my experience with F/+Vue, page type; routes object in f7 parameter (where i’d like to hook cordova for homepage redirections) raises error really before cordova deviceready.

Until now i tried, without success, initOnDeviceReady (the default, anyway) in F7 parameters, asyncComponent load for home page, and to hook to all possibile events (these btw are super in all other pages, but not in home page, F7 + vue; init of that page happens before cordova ready)