[F7-VUE] Invalidate page state with keepAlive:true on router.back()

Hi! I have a problem with “keepAlive” props in Routes.

I need to preserve the state of the page when I navigate deeper in a view. But sometimes I need to reload the page with the new props that i pass throught
$f7router.navigate('/ route-name /', {props: {ID: value}})

To understand better the situation this is the navigation throught the pages

From “PAGE 1” to “PAGE 2” clicking on the “# LINK 1”, passing the prop “ID:1”.
“PAGE 2” has the prop “keepAlive” set on TRUE.

Then i go back to “PAGE 1”. At this point i need to invalidate the state of the “PAGE 2”.
Then I navigate to "PAGE 2"clicking on the “# LINK 2” passing the prop “ID:2”. “PAGE 2” now has to re-render using the new props.

Currently “PAGE 2” loads with “props:{ID:1}” even though i click on “# LINK 2”. So my question is:
How do i re-render “PAGE 2”?

Thanks to everyone.

PS: Reply in english, please

No, that is the point of keepAlive -> it can’t be rerendered (with different props). If you need to change its state use events, add listeners for events you need (maybe router events) or for custom events and change its state

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