F7 + vue not responding well on Android kitkat to Marshmallow

When running my app on android 4.4 the layout looks unstructured, as if It doesn’t read the css.

Any idea what the issue might be?

If you use Cordova, then it is highly recommended to use Crosswalk https://github.com/crosswalk-project/cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview

Also, you can do some optimization, by disabling “touch ripple” effect


im using from V1 till V2 … but same for old devices … install crosswalk + disable touch ripple doesnt matter, if running on os 4x - 5x, F7 so laggy :joy::joy:

Thanks for The reply, Im about to have a look at crosswalk.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is with the splashscreen, the idea is to have it running , while cordova and f7 are fully loaded, but sometimes once the splash is done, the app still looks unstructured for a sec, and then properly loads. I have placed my splashscreen inside my deviceready like so:

document.addEventListener(‘deviceready’, () => {
console.log(“DEVICE IS READY!”);

 window.setTimeout(function () {
},    4500);

Am i doing something wrong, or is the placement of the splashscreen the problem?

Again Thank you