F7 Vue Routing back() Design Question. How to prevent requery and render

Hi Community.
Using F7 Vue 3.5.2
Whenever I click back in my navbar from a vue component back to the home.vue, the entire home.vue component gets recreated and my position in the page lost.
I would like the Home.vue content to be cached and my previous position to be remembered, seems the router history:true just keeps the Url, not the content or positon.

Thanks for answering

try with stackPages

If enabled then all previous pages in navigation chain will not be removed from DOM when you navigate deeper and deeper. It could be useful, for example, if you have some Form from 5 steps (5 pages) and when you are on last 5th page you need access to form that was on 1st page.


Или как вариант использовать настройку в маршруте keepAlive=true

thank you, it worked for me.
I needed to use stack-pages on the main view
<!-- Main View -->
<f7-view url="/" :main=“true” :stack-pages=“true”>

hope this helps someone else.

thanks for this.
I found this reference for your suggested prop.

I didnt need to try it out at this stage, but will keep your suggestion for future use