F7 Vue - Setting ID attribute To Component

Hi there,
I am using f7-list component from f7-vue. I am trying to set id attributes to html elements however couldnt figure out yet. Giving plain id attribute to the component doesnt cut the deal.

Here is what my template looks like;

 <f7-list-item id="fullName" subtitle="Name" text="John Doe">
       <template #media>
          <div class="shadow activationImageDiv">
            <i class="material-icons">perm_identity</i>

To be more precise, I need to set an unique Id attribute to text element(text=“John Doe”). But right now giving id attr to f7-list-item doesn’t do anything.

PS: I found a way to do it by manually typing elements after reading docs again;

  • text - element will be inserted inside of <div class="item-text"> element