[F7-VUE] Smart Select in sheet modal

Hello to everyone,
I have a Sheet Modal and i want to open a Smart Select “in sheet” inside it.
I tried with the code below, but i can’t put the smart select inside the sheet.
Can anyone help me?

 <a class="item-link smart-select smart-select-init test">
  <select name="mac-windows">
    <option value="mac" selected>Mac</option>
    <option value="windows">Windows</option>
   <div class="item-content">
    <div class="item-inner">
     <div class="item-title">Mac or Windows</div>

  woStatusSheet = this.$f7.smartSelect.create({
    el: '.test'
    view: context.$f7.view.current,
    openIn: 'sheet',
    renderSheet() {
      return '<div class="sheet-modal sheet-status-filter" style="z-index:12600">' +
        '<div class="toolbar">' +
        '<div class="toolbar-inner">' +
        '<div class="left"></div>' +
        '<div class="right">' +
        '<a class="link sheet-close" data-sheet=".sheet-status-filter" >Done</a>' +
        '</div>' +
        '</div>' +
        '</div>' +
        '<div class="sheet-modal-inner">' +
        // want to put here

Why you can’t put it? What was the issue?

I want that the smartSelect look like in the image below.


The problem is that when I click on “Done”, it close the wrong sheet. So, my idea is to render a new sheet to be able to close the right one. But if i render it I can’t make the smartSelect like in the image.