[F7/Vue] Uncaught Error: Smart Select requires initialized View

I saw, there’s already some traffic on the topic, but no general solution (at least, I didn’t find one).

If I copy e.g. the sample ‘Cars’ from docs/vue into my side-bar-template, I am getting the error above. I haven’t found an explanation what is required to put the smart-select into a template/component (e.g. side-bar)?

Any insights? (Would be helpful in the docs as well)

Smart Select by default opens new page with radios/checkboxes. This requires to use router, so it must be inside of <f7-view>. If you open it in popup/sheet/popover and you don’t have parent View then its routableModals parameter to false http://framework7.io/docs/smart-select.html#smart-select-parameters

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Thanks - that worked!
So there is no way to open the smart-select (popup) in a side-pane?

You can, just pass routableModals: false to smart select params


I’ve got same issue. “routableModals: false” doesn’t works for me
What I’ve missed?

Please take a look to my jsFiddle