F7+Vue (WebpackDev) = Slow DevTools in Elements?

Has anyone else noticed this? While developing (running Webpack Dev), open the Chrome’s DevTools, tap on the [Elements] tab, then tap on an element. Do you get any delay?

Now try to edit the CSS properties… any delay there?

I’m getting 1-2 seconds opening [Elements] tab, about the same tapping on a random element (before the CSS properties panel updates), and then about the same delay when trying to edit any CSS properties. This makes trying out things a LOT slower.

Could be, but you can’r really much do about it. Check webpack config with source maps, that can slow down it too

Sourcemaps eh? alright, I’ll dig into that when I get a change. Thanks for some direction!

I thought perhaps it might have to do with all the variables being used in F7 now.

I thought of the same thing.