F7 with echarts

How F7 introduces the statistical framework of echarts

just follow the echarts doc;


Get Started with ECharts in 5 minutes

Thanks, but I still have a question, how to import the echarts path to <template>

The previous example did not understand, is it like the require.js doing?

initialize echarts after page init, you must have the div in the dom before initializing echarts

var echarts = require('echarts');
...some code...
// initialize echarts instance with prepared DOM
var myChart = echarts.init(document.getElementById('main'));
// draw chart
    title: {
        text: 'ECharts entry example'
    tooltip: {},
    xAxis: {
        data: ['shirt', 'cardign', 'chiffon shirt', 'pants', 'heels', 'socks']
    yAxis: {},
    series: [{
        name: 'sales',
        type: 'bar',
        data: [5, 20, 36, 10, 10, 20]
...more code...