[F7Vue| develop for file:// protocol

Did somebody try to develop an app which runs from the file:// protocol?

I am working on an app which runs entirely from the file:// protocol and it would be helpful, if there was a way to use F7Vue to not run a devServer, but re-compile on every change (for hot-reloading). (it runs fine when I use npm run build-dev, but I can’t seem to do that on file-changes)

What’s the best way to accomplish that? Did somebody try that already and can give me some pointers?

Answer to self:

there’s an option in webpack.config.js => writeToDisk: true, which I had before, BUT it seems you must disable devServer’s host, but keep hot

devServer: {
        // host: '', 
    hot: true
That seems to do it.
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