F7Vue: Smart Select Not Auto Update

I’m wondering why smart select with “multiple” attribute can auto update (out of the box) the displayed value after selecting options but not the “non multiple” which I have to create my own function.

This one need function:

<f7-list-item smart-select smart-select-back-on-select id="account">
	<f7-input type="select" @change="$nextTick(function(){ $('#account .item-after').text($('#account select').val()) })">
		<option v-for="item in account" :value="item">{{item}}</option>

This one working out of the box:

<f7-list-item smart-select id="category">
	<f7-input type="select" multiple="multiple">
		<option v-for="item in category" :value="item">{{item}}</option>