FAB button upper position changed!?

Hello guys!

After upgrading to v6.0.4 (from 5.7.14) I noticed that the position of the upper Fab button differs. In version 5, the Fab button overlaps the Nav bar, but in v6 it’s displayed below the Nav bar. How can I change this, so the position is the same as v5?


Thanks for any advice.

It was always (and in v5) below the Navbar https://v5.framework7.io/docs/floating-action-button.html#examples

Okey, thanks.

Please see attached screen copies from version 5 and 6.

Picture 1: Version 5 (note that distance from top to button is less than in picture (2) )

Picture 2 Version 6

Should the position be the same in v5 and v6 ?

Note: Version 5 picture, is screen dump from mobile device, while version 6 picture is from desktop browser (dev).

It has something to do with your custom styles as they look same in v5 and v6 by default