FastClicks has been completely removed

Can anyone tell me why the FastClicks parameter was removed?
I only added this last week, because I was complaining about the click speed in iOS.

Starting from version 5.0 then so:
Fast clicks functionality has been completely removed. Following app.touch’ parameters are not supported anymore: fastClicks, fastClicksDistanceThreshold, fastClicksDelayBetweenClicks and fastClicksExclude

Is there any alternative?

Thank you very much for your work! Framework7 is great!

Read the article:

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Also make sure you are using WKWebView in Cordova app.

Thank you very much. It’s solved with the CSS rules :slight_smile:

I do also want fastClicks enabled. Would you please tell me how and what css rules you have used for it? How did you solve it?

Thanks in advance.