Feature request: Don't use padding on root element for status bar overlay

My recent design-to-development workflow is to prototype in Adobe XD and then export each artboard to Zeplin to auto-generate the CSS needed for each element. This includes generating the left/top values for each absolutely positioned element.

The problem I’ve encountered is when I use the status bar overlay in Framework7, it adds 20px of padding to the top of the page (to .framework7-root). This makes my left/top values invalid, because 20px then needs to be manually subtracted from Zeplin’s auto-generated code. (Eg an element which is designed to sit at ‘top: 70px’ will now need to be ‘top: 50px’ to sit at the same spot.)

It would be great if an option was available to use a different method other than adding padding to ‘.framework7-root’, so that 70px from the top in an artboard design will also translate to 70px on an absolutely positioned element.