Few questions about framework 7 usage

I have few small questions

  • I can close normal preload but cant close dialog.preloader, couldnt find it in docs, how can ı close preloderthat opened with this code ?
 this.$f7.dialog.preloader('Connecting ...');
  • When using list-item, docs mentions text and subtitle however text and title show nothing on screen ?

  • When using framework7 with vue, if a vue component has an event, lets say change I can bind it to a function in html, right ? For example how to use events for a list view ? Can someone provide an example ?

  • In f7 vue docs, some items are not listed in f7vue docs, base items can I still use them ? for example active state

  • whats the difference between DOM Events and App Instance ? Any example code for vue…

  • ios theme shows all titles (navbar) in bold, how can I change that ?

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try it


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