File input not recognizing images latest iOS

This issue has been driving me insane for almost a week.

The latest iOS update has an image size selection at the very bottom when using a file input and selecting images from the gallery.

If no size selection is made, the form-ajax-submit does not work. However, if any size is selected then everything works as should. Note, that the size selection already defaults to an option so it’s not as if it’s a requirement to use it and to make matters worse, it is extremely easy to not see it. I personally have only just noticed it.

I have no idea where to even begin with this issue and I am planning to make my app live in the next 2 weeks.
Any ideas or suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Why doesn’t form-ajax-submit work?

As I mentioned above, if I don’t select a size from the built in iOS size selector then it does nothing.

It’s especially strange because the before submit listener gets triggered and so it leads me to believe that an attempt to post is being made but I have no record of this in the network activity nor in my server logs

Do you see anything in the headers when you submit?

Also, if you console.log the form do you see the image data?