Fill form with json data from server

How can i fill form with json data from server? I have request which sends id to php (MySQL) and returns me data in json of this specific row. PHP script works fine because console.log actually shows the json of the selected row, but the form does not fill with this data"http://localhost/hydro/read.php", 


    type: 1,

    id: serwisUpdateID


  function(data) { // Success

    let parsedSerwisData = JSON.parse(data);


    app.form.fillFromData('#serwis-form', parsedSerwisData);


  function(status) { // Error

    console.log("Błąd", status)

  }, "text"


Hi @MateuszCode, make sure your inputs have name attribute of your json data

Inputs already have same name as received json, and still doesn’t fill with data.

Can you provide this data? and the html form as well

Form has over 60 fields. All inputs are written like this
2020-11-10 13_05_26-create1.f7.html - app - Visual Studio Code
And here is json after parse

parsedSerwisData is an array of object, you need specify the index like this:

app.form.fillFromData('#serwis-form', parsedSerwisData[0]);