Fire7 - Real-time data binding between Firebase Cloud Firestore and your Framework7 app

Hello, everyone!

I would like to present to your attention a small library that I developed. If you use Firebase Cloud Firestore in your projects and you need to bind data, this library will help you reduce the amount of your code and avoid some bugs.

In addition to listening to data in real time, I implemented a one-time data getting with a cascade filling of nested documents.

Fire7 -

This is my first open source project and I would like any feedback. If you want new features or find bugs, please let me know (github page).


Thanks for sharing, looks really cool. If going to maintain it in the future I want to ask you to add it to the Plugins section on website Framework7 Plugins

Valdimir, thanks for your feedback.

Yes, I am going to support my project and would like to be present on the Framework7 website.