[FIXED]Disable cache issue

Hi There,

Not sure what I’m doing wrong but I’m not able to disable the cache.


var app = new Framework7({
id: ‘com.test.app’,
root: ‘#app’,
cache: false,
theme: theme,
stackPages: true,


a class=“item-content item-link” href="/nueva-obra/" data-force=“true” data-ignore-cache=“true” class=“panel-close”


Many thanks

not sure what you’re trying to do and I can’t answer about FW7 caching, but if you’re having troubles with the browser loading an outdated external resource, like a css or js file, this is what I’m usually doing:

I’m simply adding a version to the filename. For example <link href="style.css"> will load the cached file in almost any browser, <link href="style.css?v=1> will reload the file once. If you add a timestamp (for example), your file will never be cached.

Hi auco,

Thanks for the reply.

I just fixed my issue removing the “form-store-data” class in the form-storage html file