Fixing my f7-vue-v2-demo project

I made this demo repo of framework7 v2.0.5 and framework7-vue v2.0.0-beta.5:

See the readme page on github for an image of the rendered webpage. It seems to have all the minimal/critical parts that the kitchen-sink in framework7-vue v2 branch has - but obviously something is missing. It runs with no console errors, but it isn’t styled correctly, the onF7Ready/onF7Init methods aren’t called, and the Home.vue content isn’t loaded.

(And actually, I tried to run the kitchen-sink in framework7-vue v2 branch. I cloned that, npm installed, and ran “npm run dev”. It builds fine but it crashes immediately at runtime in the script on autogenerated javascript identifiers based on my own local file paths - I don’t think the gulp build script is compatible with being run on Windows)

Fixed it!

Also submitted the issue to fix the kitchen sink build for windows.