Flashing buttons in f7 5.1.3 - dialog

I have some ugly flashing buttons in F7 (5.1.3 but also earlier versions) dialogs.

Below is a quick video, which is self-explanatory.

  • I checked out the master-branch of F7 compiled using npm run ks:prod (ks:dev doesn’t make a difference).
  • I used the dark-theme to aurora:desktop (it’s best visible there, but also in all other themes/modes)
  • the effect is the same on core, vue or react

I can reproduce this 100% (especially in Chromium Webviews or, e.g. Qt’s quicknanobrowser).
The video was taken with F7-Core 5.1.3 and build ‘ks:prod’

Anyone else seen this? @nolimits4web

For some reasons the video above doesn’t play here in the forum - so here’s the link as text


That is weird. Is it only in that quicknanobrowser? Not in Chrome directly? Can you try to add one of the following CSS rules and check will it help:

.aurora .dialog-button {
  transfom: none !important;


.aurora .dialog-button {
  z-index: 100;
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Hi @nolimits4web,

thx - but I tried that already. Didn’t help…

I don’t know where else it happens, but I can reliably reproduce it in the QtWebEngine browsers (there’s where I need it). It’s possible that the bug is also on their side, but that would render F7 pretty useless on QT…

Btw. it otherwise works fine in Qt as well - except the buttons in the dialogs…

How can I check it as I’m not familiar with QT? Maybe you have a sample project?

I wanted to provide a quick Qt-demo, but the problem right now is, that the Qt ‘quicknanobrowser’ is dynamically linked, so you need Qt installed… :shushing_face:

I’ll think about it… If you want to try yourself you can download the Qt community edition and compile the ‘quicknanobrowser’ in QT-Examples->webengine… If you don’t have time, I’ll try to get you something to reproduce…

Hi @nolimits4web,

just to confirm:

transform: none !important;

did it! At first I copied your typo above (transfom into my css :crazy_face: - after I found it, it works… (sometimes it’s as stupid as it can get)!

thanks & I guess, this is one of the many Qt-bugs (or shortcomings) I discovered while playing with Qt.