Fling Photo app now in beta testing

I’ve launched my first F7 app! Please try it out and provide any feedback you want to make it better.

Fling Photo is a photo memory app where you post up photos and notes for anything you want to be reminded of in the future. If you are like me you use your smart phone photos to capture music and film posters, menus of new restaurants, places to see and a host of other inspirational things to do later. In Fling you post these and the tool returns them to you every 7-14 days as a reminder. You can also hashtag photos in your notes to categorize them and look them up directly.


I used Framework7, Firebase, Cloudinary and SendGrid for this app.

On my near term todo list are:

  • update to version 5 of F7
  • add a basic service worker (annoyed that forcing updates is so hard once you do this)
  • move more of the logic over onto Firebase for better security
  • i’ll release the client code under MIT soon so its easier to pick it up as a template
  • any tips on how to obscure the JS side in the future to made it less easy to copy once its launched for real

Give it a try, let me know where it breaks and what you would like to see added!

Extra thanks to everyone on these forums for help as I was getting up to speed.

Aloha from Maui

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Nice that many of you have looked at the app. Would love some comments and advice on my todo list and the app features … and implementation if you are poking around the code.

Thanks all!

Hi, just try it.
it looks good.
this i would change:

– Disable the save button if not image or picture has been captured/selected. I just click save, and the app saves an empty image:

– A way to edit my current saves, i set one image to show in one day and the other in 5 days. If i want to change that, i didn’t find the way.

– In homepage if i don’t have any saved images to show today, just show a list with my futures images to show, so it doesn’t looks empty:

I test it on my android device.

Nice job making the app!


Thank you, great suggestions!

I wonder if I should even have the first tab or should remove it and just have the profile with the tiles be the main landing tab? I would shift the profile tab to be ordered by how soon they are to boomerang back to you (rather than the date they were posted).

The first tab seems like it becomes more useful later when perhaps I enable posting photos publicly to followers.

Thanks for sharing.

I suggest not to show the UI with tabs on initial start/load when user not signed in. I am as user see a lot of UI which just doesn’t work. Just show single page with login button, no tabs or (+) add button.

Agree, or some placeholder saying why it is empty and what should be done for something to appear here.

That makes sense. Is there a simple way to hide the tab/views until after login? Should I use a popup over everything?

I’m also likely to remove the ‘Saves’ view for now and just move the profile view over to be the main view. Later, when I create public channels for posting photos I’ll probably add Saves back in or make a feed view.

As an option, or Login Screen, or use conditional rendering of main app layout https://framework7.io/docs/router-component.html#main-app-component

Simplified Fling to be just the grid of photos posted in ‘reminder’ order instead of date posted and the capture panel. I removed the swipeable view. Now if you click on a photo you see it with its caption and all the Fling controls for delete, add one day, add 5 days and random.

Next up will be hiding the controls when you first launch the app and only allowing login.