Folders excluded from versioning due to .gitignore

I noticed that with the latest npm framework7-cli (v3.0.5) the generated template (Cordova app with Vue.js) has a .gitignore file which excludes some folders and files. If you commit and the checkout from your git repo, there’s a couple of problems with the checked out version:

  • the cordova/platforms folder is missing, and this causes an error when trying to build the app prompting to run cordova platform add <platform>.
    Running the given command fixes the problem. Still, it would be cool if it was written somewhere inside the README file or if the build script run it by itself as first step (even better)
  • the src/static folder is missing, and this triggers a big yellow WARNING during the building process. Is this exclusion even desidered?

Screenshot for clarification:


Just to be clear: yes, i know i can edit the .gitignore file, i am just notifying these (maybe unwanted) exclusions