For-loop inside template

In previous Framework7 / Template7 versions, I used this custom helper:

Template7.registerHelper('for', function(arg, options) {
  var t = '';
  fn = 'for(' + arg + ') { t = t + options.fn(this,; }';
  return t;

which I could use like this:

{{#for "i=0; i < 4; i++"}}
  my index = {{i}}

But in the current version this doesn’t work anymore. {{i}} seems to return some other data, but not my iterator variable.

Can’t see any problems with it, works for me:

Just tried to run this code in Framework7 kitchen sink, in console

Thanks for your reply! Indeed, if I run the code in the console, it returns the expected result. But when I add exactly the same code to my component body, the iterator seems empty, altough it does run 4 times correctly. Maybe I’m overlooking something?

Weird enough, this works correctly. Looks like somewhere the context gets mixed up with something else and i and j are already used.

{{#for "abc=0; abc < 4; abc++"}}
  id = {{js "abc"}}

That the issue of using eval :pensive:

How i can i add this to a component page?