Forgetting previous page in history with master-view

Hi! I was wondeering how to clear the master detail view history everytime a link is clicked in a view. I basically am using tabs, to each their own view. They all each have master-view enabled.

Basically the problem is everytime the user clicks a link on the master view, the pages stack and the back button is visible on the second view (right hand side).

Looking at the devtool, that element I want to prevent from being created is “.page-previous”

  • Result: Each time a link is clicked in the master-view the previous page (".page-master-detail") is pushed as a previous page (".previous-page"). the master view also adds .page-master-stacked class to itself.

  • Expected result: Everytime a link is clicked, the old/previous page in master-view-detail should be forgotten about

  • Attemps: I tried fiddling with framework7 + disabled stackPages in app.js

It is worth noting i let my master views auto initialize.

Thank you in advance!