Form problem and bug(?) [SOLVED INSTALLED v1.6.5]

Hello there!
I’m creating an easy app with views, but i have two problem.
First is that calendar picker in custom format dateFormat: ‘DD, dd MM, yyyy’ seems bugged
and March is “Mararch” and May is “Mayay”.
The month are wrong :sweat_smile: and i don’t know why.
and the resizable textarea don’t work, It’s just a normal textarea. this is my code (Ctrl-c Ctrl-v on the Docs)
< div class=“item-input”>
< textarea class=“resizable” placeholder=“Commento”>
< /div>
Somebody can help me, please…

Ok, so you were using version below 1.6.5?

No the opposite i downloaded the v2.0.0, the latest release and the master from github… but in a forum i read that the 1.6.5 fix all this bug so.