Formatting issue with Virtual lists


When I populate my Virtual lists I sometimes get this “double line”.

This code I use

// List item Template7 template
	<a href="/products-manage/{{uuid}}" class="item-link item-content">\
		<div class="item-inner">\
			<div class="item-title-row">\
				<div class="item-title">\
					<input id={{uuid}} name="my_uuid" type="hidden" value="{{uuid}}">\
					<div class="item-header"><b>{{so_details_desc}}</b> <i><small> in {{sso_details_uom_desc}} (s)</small></i></div>\
					<small>Cost  :: {{so_details_selling_price}}</small> <br>\
					<small>Qty   :: {{so_details_quantity}}</small> <br>\
					<small>Total :: <b>{{so_details_total_cost}}</b></small>\
// Item height
height: self.$theme.ios ? 63 : (self.$ ? 73 : 46),

Any pointers on how to get rid of that line will be appreciate.


More likely its means that your provided height value is wrong