Framework 7 Routes not working in iOS WebView local HTML

Please Advice
local HTML not working with the local route and not loading loadContent HTML FILE
path: ‘/signin/’,
url: ‘signin.html’,
path: ‘/signin/’,
url: ‘file://signin.html’,

but working only with outside html file

path: ‘/signin/’,
url: ‘’,

and also redirect is working:

window.location.href = “file://pages/signin.html”;

but routes not working


Not enough information, what is it, Cordova, capacitor, custom web view, etc. See this post:

Hi tnx for repply
i have looked on all forums and didn’t find anything
Its WebviewGold:

I also faced such a problem. I solved the problem by creating localhost.

Hi tnx for reply
Please Advice how did you do http://localhost:8080 on code ios?

Unfortunately I’m not sure how to do this on IOS.