Framework 7 vue alert set focus

Did anyone know how to set focus to alert?

depending on which element should get the focus, e.g.:


this.$f7.dialog.alert(“Hello”,“My name is tom”));

is it using dialog.$el.find(‘input’).focus(); to get the focus?

By default it doesn’t use it because there is no inputs in alert

this.$f7.dialog.alert(“Hello”,“My name is tom”));

How can I set focus for alert?

Why do you need to focus on alert? What do you mean “How can I set focus for alert?” ? The above method does not generate any elements of input.

<div class="dialog dialog-buttons-1 modal-in" style="display: block;">
 <div class="dialog-inner">
  <div class="dialog-title">My name is Tom</div>
  <div class="dialog-text">Hello</div>
 <div class="dialog-buttons">
  <span class="dialog-button dialog-button-bold">Да</span>
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