Framework7 2.2.0 Update! 🎉 2️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

Framework7 and Framework7-Vue just updated to new 2.2.0 versions. Make sure to update your apps to get the latest features and fixes:

  • List Index
    • Meet all new List Index component :tada:
  • Full iPhone X safe areas support and required tweaks for MD theme :raised_hands:. Same as for iOS theme: automatic support for top and bottom safe areas (for portrait orientation). For landscape orientation the following classes must be added to elements:
    • ios-edges - for full-width elements (like main View)
    • ios-edge-left - for elements that stick to the left edge of the screen (like left Panel)
    • ios-edge-right - for elements that stick to the right edge of the screen (like right Panel)
  • Stepper
    • New autorepeat parameter that will repeatedly increase/decrease values while you tap and hold plus/minus buttons
    • New autorepeatDynamic parameter that will increase autorepeat ratio based on how long you hold the button
    • New wraps parameter. When enabled, incrementing beyond maximum value sets value to minimum value; likewise, decrementing below minimum value sets value to maximum value
  • Sortable
    • Fixed styling when sortable list is using with no-chevron class
  • Range Slider
    • New draggableBar parameter (defaults to true) that allows to disable value change on range bar click and drag
    • Added auto sizes recalculation on parent modals/panel/tabs open
  • Router
    • Will now replace state (if pushState enabled) on initial load when initial route has redirect
    • Fixed issue with tab:beforeremove event was not fired for routeable tabs
    • Improved restoreScrollTopOnBack logic to save and restore scrolling on active page-content element
    • Swipe Back support for MD theme with new Router parameters:
      • mdSwipeBack: false - enables swipe back for MD theme
      • mdSwipeBackAnimateShadow: true - enable/disable box-shadow animation during swipe back action
      • mdSwipeBackAnimateOpacity: false - enable/disable opacity animation during swipe back action. You can disable it to improve performance
      • mdSwipeBackActiveArea: 30 - width of invisible left edge of the screen that triggers swipe back action
      • mdSwipeBackThreshold: 0 - swipe back will start if “touch distance” will be more than this value
  • Request
    • Now if you return false in beforeOpen or beforeSend callbacks it will cancel the XHR request
  • Autocomplete
    • New inputEvents parameter (by default is input) allows to configure input events used to handle Autcomplete actions and source request
  • Smart Select
    • Fixed issue when Searchbar didn’t work when Smart Select opened in page with Searchbar in iOS theme
  • Dialog
    • New app.dialog.keyboardActions parameter (enabled by default) that enables keyboard shortcuts (Enter and Esc) keys for predefined dialogs (Alert, Confirm, Prompt, Login, Password)
  • Fixed iOS 11.3 bug that can break Fast clicks and make Cordova/PhoneGap app unresponsive on app resume from background :fire:
  • Swiper updated to latest 4.2.2 version
    • Core
      • Respect and update breakpoints when calling Swiper’s .update() method
    • Pagination
      • New progressbarOpposite parameter to make pagination progressbar opposite to direction parameter, means vertical progressbar for horizontal swiper direction and horizontal progressbar for vertical swiper direction
  • Lots of minor fixes

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Great work! Vladimir, in previous versions of the demo, you used to mark everything new with the badge new. It was very convenient and visually understandable.
If it’s not difficult, could you also show in the documentation what’s new or what has changed (so that we can update our code)?

Great! Thanks you, Vladimir!

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