Framework7 3.3.0 released!

This updates is mainly about TypeScript definitions that was added for the whole framework! :tada:

Here is full changelog:

  • Core
    • Added TypeScript definitions for whole core framework APIs (with huge help of @JasonKleban)! :tada:
    • Swiper update to latest 4.4.1:
      • Core
        • New centerInsufficientSlides parameter to center slides if the amount of slides less than slidesPerView
        • New breakpointsInverse parameter (boolean), if enabled then it will count breakpoints in reversed direction, e.g. will override parameters if window width is more than specified breakpoint
      • Virtual Slides
        • New addSlidesBefore and addSlidesAfter parameters to increase amount of pre-rendered slides
      • Thumbs
        • All new “Thumbs” module/component designed to control slider thumbnails, in more logical and correct way than with Controller module.
    • Virtual DOM Router Components
      • Added snabbdom’s “style” module that allows to make fancy and smooth custom animations
    • Input
      • Now input placeholder will be visible on item with floating label when it receives focus
  • Phenome
    • Added TypeScript definitions for all React components :tada:
    • Added TypeScript definitions for F7-Vue and F7-React components extensions (e.g. this.$f7, this.$f7router, etc.) :tada:
    • List Component
      • new noChevron prop to disable “chevron” icon on all nested list items with link
      • new chevronCenter prop to set “chevron” icon in the middle of all nested media list items with link
    • ListItem Component
      • disabled prop will now set “disabled” class on list item if it is not a checkbox or radio
      • new noChevron prop to disable “chevron” icon on list item with link
      • new chevronCenter prop to set “chevron” icon in the middle of media list item with link
    • Improved Framework7 initialization routine
    • Fixed issue when f7ready callback fired before deviceready event in Cordova environment
  • Lots of fixes

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Thank you for putting in the vdom “style” module. It works great!



Great. Looking forward to tying the TypeScript definitions.

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TBH , this framework is AWESOME !

im using from v1 till v3 , easy guide every update!

and…still waiting create for react native :heart_eyes:

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