🔥 Framework7 4.0.0 Released!

Hi community! Glad to announce that final stable version 4 is arrived today!

:framed_picture: CSS Custom Properties
:confetti_ball: New UI components
:muscle: Better performance
:package: Smaller bundle size
:zap: PWA ready
:hammer_and_wrench: All new CLI
:bookmark_tabs: New website and documentation

If you missed what is new, read this blog post

New and updated docs on https://framework7.io/docs/

Framework7 CLI v2 is also out of beta https://framework7.io/cli/

All official templates are also updated to v4 https://framework7.io/templates/

v3 docs available at http://v3.framework7.io/

If you love Framework7, you can support project by donating or pledging on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/vladimirkharlampidi


Congratulations! I sincerely wish you great success.


Congrats @nolimits4web! Amazing… my v4 journey begins immediately!


Вы делаете большое дело, спасибо Вам от души!! Мечтаю таки собраться и сделать визуальный конструктор и добавить for free в Ваш проект! Надеюсь дело дойдёт до дела!! Ещё раз спасибо!!


Thank you for your great framework! Congratulations!:tada::tada::tada:

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Awesome! Framework7 is the best! Thank you for your efforts.

Will the numpad, calculator plugins still work in v4.0, if not could you please update.

Thank you!


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Thank you Vladimir!! Everything went well with new ‘Framework7 with webpack setup with hot-reload’ v4 template. I noticed on my local dev (Safari, OSX) when ‘right panel’ is open, cpu usage went to 100%. On Chrome and Firefox CPU usage is low.

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Hey Vladimir!

First of all what a fantastic release. Bravo!

I write to you to report some bugs:

  1. [Visual] The text in segmented button style doesn’t show when button is active (iOS style). To see this bug visit the subnavbar docs page (https://framework7.io/docs/subnavbar.html). Also happens with Vue. Works in kitchen sink demo page somehow.

  2. [Performance] Sidebar renders slowly when pushed in (iOS style). Its white until the animation is done. To see this bug visit the kitchen sink site (https://framework7.io/kitchen-sink/core/?theme=ios) and press the menu item in upper left corner.

  3. [Performance] Large Nav Title really hurts performance when swiping back and not clicking a back button in the title bar (tested on iOS 12 iPhone 6).

  4. [Visual] When using swipeout on an inset list, the top and bottom list elements the swipeout menu doesn’t have rounded corners. To see this bug visit the swipe out demo page (https://framework7.io/kitchen-sink/core/?theme=ios) and add the class ‘inset’ to one of the lists and swipe on the top or bottom element.

Again a great release! Cheers! :tada:

Wow!!! And thank you for your great work man!

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Awesom job! Keep the good work. Thanks for this fantastic framework! :clap::clap::clap:


Супер! Огромный объем работы, с трудом вериться, что это под силу одному человеку.

Сайт стал как-то солидней и красивей, вот шрифты другие как-то странно смотрятся, тоньше что ли они, но, возможно, это дело привычки.

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Thank you for your awesome work. Framework7 is definitely a great framework!

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Will check, but it should work out of the box

Yes, it is a known bug, watch for this thread https://github.com/framework7io/framework7/issues/2952 i’ll post there some temporary solution

Thanks for feedback, will check them. I’ll recommend to post such issues on GitHub repo https://github.com/framework7io/framework7, it is easier to track them there

thank you for v4

check the jobs-web-site
problem with the infinite (the next 20 items not getting load)

app.js:17 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'then' of undefined
    at i.onDevelopersInfinite (app.js:17)
    at infinite (app.js:17)
    at t (app.js:17)
    at HTMLDivElement.Fa.t._withTask.r._withTask (app.js:17)
    at e.trigger (app.js:17)
    at t.handleScroll (app.js:17)
    at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous> (app.js:17)
    at HTMLDivElement.c (app.js:17)
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Thanks, working on a fix

Hey Vlad! Yet again, great work!!! I have just installed the kitchen sink on my android phone and it is flying!!! Am particularly in love with the expandable cards :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Now, what is the F7 CLI equivalent command for cordova run android?

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Thanks, it is just:

framework7 cordova run android