Framework7 5.1.0 Released

Here is what’s new:

  • Core
    • Grid
      • New resizable grid
    • Router Component
      • Fixed issue when triggering update could break scoped styles
      • Fixed update callbacks queue
    • Swiper - updated to latest 5.2.0
      • Core
        • New centeredSlidesBounds parameter that when enabled will keep first and last slides at bounds
        • Fixed issue when freeMode could break position on resize (#2708, #3303)
        • Fixed transitin duration issue with freeModeSticky (#3302)
        • Fixed issue with wrong row/column if not full groups (#3294)
        • Fixed issue when watchOverflow and slidesOffsetBefore/slidesOffsetAfter couldn’t work together (#3291)
      • Mousewheel
        • Faster & smoother mousewheel inertial scrolling (#3304)
  • Phenome
    • Row/Col
      • New resizable components properties to enable resizable grid

Check new resizable grid docs and demos at


Great news come by morning. Thanks for all that you have done till now!