Framework7 6.0.18 update released

Bug Fixes

  • navbar: added missing TS events definitions (3bc1eb2), closes #3895

  • navbar: fixed issue with large navbar scroll-hide on insufficient page scroll (0b5e4ab)

  • panel: added containerEl typing to props in React component (da5b38f), closes #3892

  • panel: fix not emitting collapsedBreakpoint event (03e661f), closes #3887

  • router: components router fix when view component updated triggered by something else (df64010)

  • router: don’t set initial page component if it is master’s detail page (9e4e264)

  • router: fixed issue for routable swipeable tabs with dynamic params in route path (4a93d90)

  • toolbar: added missing TS events definitions (d0afb69)


  • smart select: new sheetBackdrop parameter to control Sheet backdrop (0d2f60f)

  • swiper: Swiper updated to latest version (9d30e4b)