Framework7 and nginx

Hi! i would like to learn more about framework7 and want to run a simple app on a nginx server.

The demo app of framework7-svelte runs on the local machine under localhost:8080

The nginx server is set up, as are the DNS entry and the SSL certificate.
In the configuration of ngnix


  1. which files do I have to transfer from the local computer to the server?
  2. how do I start the framework7 app on the server?

Thanks for any advice in advance.

It doesn’t need any port. If you have created app with F7 CLI, then you need to run npm run build:prod (check your package.json) and just serve static files from www folder

Great! It’s working as planned.

When you work with a system for a long time, a lot of things are taken for granted.
Those who first become familiar with a system often fail because of small things.

Is this note somewhere in the documentation? If so - I have not found it.
Maybe a section with the exact title “How to deploy to an nginx server” would be helpful.

Thanks for the quick answer.