Framework7 and Smartbanner

We’d like to use a smartbanner plugin. The code works fine without Framework7 (barebones example), but with our F7 app, their is a space above the title bar that is simply just empty. Any thoughts on why this is happening?

You have to view the links on either an iOS or Android device. (F7 app) (vanilla example)

Because this smart banner is not a native thing, check its styles, it not really compatible with F7’s app structure styles

Just so I’m clear, we cannot use anything outside of the F7 libraries/components if we implement the F7 framework?

What’s odd about the smartbanner is that the space is being allocated, but everything is hidden. Why would F7 hide a set of UI divs it didn’t create? I’m assuming that is what is happening. Below is a screengrab of our app.

You can use anything with it. Just this smart banner script sets margin on HTML element, and in F7 has overflow hidden on it