Framework7 Apps Showcase

I’ve tried the Framework7 Apps Showcase page but didn’t find any working app built with F7

Please share any app that’s recently built and working?

Most of the apps (if not all) are working in showcase. Just quickly tried first two, they work

I was looking for web app working example aside from IOS and Android. I will try the first two phone app but really looking for web app.

The TKD looks good and fast on Android : )

But the TKD isn’t a webapp, is it??

@tiptronic not a web app. I’ve checked the few other web apps in the show case and didn’t find any working examples.

I think I found what I’m looking for The preview have some web apps working. Thanks guys!

How can we send an app to showcase?

it says we need to PR on GitHub but not sure how to PR for showcase!