Framework7 as a multisite?

Would it be possible to use F7 like WordPress multi site? Basically I’d like to create many sites using 1 code base and the create child sites from that parent. Not sure if this is possible but I thought I’d ask.

Do you mean making a wordpress theme or just reusing code? It certainly possible to make one site then duplicate the code and modify it into another.

Not a WP theme just reusable code.

Yes you should be totally fine doing that, Framework7 is open source. Avoid modifying the core files directly so you can keep it updated.

Yes but I’m asking if anyone has done this and if there is an example? Kinda like the way WP child themes are setup.

I don’t understand exactly what you need. But if it’s just to reuse the code. You can create vue components and pass props if need it with custom style logic etc.
So you can import the component when needit.

I think you won’t get any example as such, better you follow @pvtallulah instructions and set an example for other in future if someone wish to set multi-store