Framework7 Calendar: is it possible to have a specific dateFormat to display and the input value to be different format?

I am using the Calendar in framework7 and I am using:

self.calendarRange = app.calendar.create({

dateFormat: ‘D, M dd, yyyy’,


dateFormat: ‘D, M dd, yyyy’, is more friendly for the user to see then

I want the input value to be : dd-mm-yyyy after the user has selected the range dates…

so sending the information to a next page this must send dd-mm-yyyy and not D, M dd, yyyy
is it possible in the calendar to do this?

I tried formatValue: but no samples online for the use… and in my case rewrite the display format D, M dd, yyyy to a different one…

how do use this below? or how to display a different format in the calendar of the input value one?

any ideas?

var calendar=app.calendar.create({
    var arr=[];
    for (var i=0;i<values.length;i++){
      var d=new Date(values[i]);
    return arr;

thanks but I need to display to the user after select the range the format D, M dd, yyyy and when sending the form to another page with this date rage the date range should be passed like this dd-mm-yyyy…

I mean show something in front end and send something different in the backend…
I will try to play with your idea too…

big thanks