Framework7 calling /js/0 which does not exist

I’m seeing a new 404 appear when I load up my framework7 web app. I’m not calling it anywhere in my code.

/js/0 appears to be originating from framework7.bundle.min.js. Also when I attempt to drag on a sortable list I get the following error:

The scrollTop error is referencing the /js/0.

Any ideas what I can try to fix it? Thanks! Running the latest v5.2.0 with latest chrome on windows.

Trial and error and I finally figured it out.

When placing a sortable list inside a popup the list must be wrapped inside a separate class=page container with page-content. I didn’t know this was required. Normally I don’t include a page container inside my popups. Now you know!

Yes, it is better to keep full page structure with Page and Page Content in components like Popup and Panel and all components should work correctly.

Did you figure out where this js/0 comes from? F7 by itself doesn’t have such calls

Has any one found out how to solve this? In my case, it happens when I load the index.html in browser via localhost/f7_app_folder/www/

But when I load it via a virtual host like which points to localhost/f7_app_folder/www/ then this js/0 thing does not show.

And I think since the webview apps are kind of loaded via the file:// protocol, my main-views operates as should, when opened on computer (via virtual host) but misbehaves on phone…

Anyone found a solution yet? It’s been like 7 months since last reply to this question