Framework7 CLI 2.2.0 Released

New Framework7 CLI 2.2.0 arrived with lots of minor improvements and with one big new feature - Cordova Electron integration! :desktop_computer:

Now it is possible to build native desktop app with few clicks!

Would be good to see some feedback!


how to create .deb install for electron in linux?

When you create app with CLI there is a readme file with all the required information and documentations. It is explained here

Thanks! Electron integration will be nice…time to test it…

Please, any update in Aurora? :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you expect some specific update for Aurora?

Hi @nolimits4web,

I’m trying to provide a good admin dashboard to a couple of clients and I wanted to do it with Aurora since the mobile apps were made with your amazing F7.

Main issue for me is that I’m not good with css at all and I expected that Aurora has similar features as per below:

Shall I expect something like this in future? I believe that it will be great for F7 to be mobile app + admin dashboard. Cordova integration with Electron now can make F7 a full cross-platform mobile /admin dashboard… just a thought…

Again, thanks for this amazing job and we will keep supporting you! :wink:

Oh, you mean this. I think i’ll add some Aurora admin dashboard to recipes anytime soon

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Please! That will be awesome.