Framework7-cli build and run for platform browser

First off, thank you for the F7 framework…love it.

I created a Cordova app with F7-cli. After adding IOS and Android (via “cordova platform add” command), I also added the browser platform so I could easily develop/test the application. I also added plugins that I needed via cordova commands.

When I run the “npm build-dev” then “npm run dev” the application is shown in my browser, the page shows, live reloading works for page edits, but the plugins are not loading. However, if I build and run via cordova commands (“cordova build browser” then “cordova run browser”) the plugins load correctly and it runs in a browser, however, when I go back and edit code, the changes will not be reflected in the app, even if I go through the cordova build/run process again.

I noticed the directory structure the F7-cli built is different than a standard cordova application. Does this play into the issue at all?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Paul Santangelo

During development process with npm run dev it is not running under cordova env, it is running with webpack (where you got all those nice live reloading), so the cordova APIs is not available. It is not really designed to be used with cordova browser platform

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